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CRISP was established by Elephant Jobs in 1993 and has grown rapidly since its inception, now being regarded as a valuable asset to sustainable development in Southwark and to London as a whole.

CRISP’s aims are to:

  • realise the environmental benefits of sustainable development and the minimisation of the waste of resources

  • realise the local employment opportunities of sustainable development
  • generate income and support for local community projects and organisations

CRISP’s work is guided by the principles of sustainable development, which depend on taking an integrated approach to economic, environmental and social issues.  CRISP is innovatory in that its work extends to not only support local residents, businesses, the voluntary sector and community groups, but also works across London and Nationally with a wide range of organisations including Universities and higher education establishments, Local Authorities, the Police, Support Agencies and the Business Sector to deliver projects.

Over 2008-2009 CRISP has continued to development new and existing project areas, including:

  • Fonesforsafety
  • London University Halls of Residence Recycling Programme

In addition CRISP has continued to carry out consultation projects focusing on a variety of issues including Environmental Business support especially to SMEs and start-up businesses, composting and food waste. CRISP has also continued its long standing association with Imperial College London Centre for Environmental Policy acting as external supervisors to post graduate students.

CRISP is a project of the charity and not for profit company Elephant Jobs (registered charity no. 1112662 registered company no. 1343924) whose work centres around what has come to be known as sustainable development, encompassing issues related to economic, social and environmental aspects of urban regeneration.


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